Independent Publishing

My goal is to provide independent creators quality services at a fair price through myself and my network of publishing professionals. I believe an author should be the sole owner of their work and am happy to collaborate with creators who acknowledge diversity.


  • You want to publish a non-fiction book for your target audience but don’t know where to start.
  • You wrote or are writing a book, but English is not your primary language. You need an editor/proofreader with expert fluency in English.
  • You’ve already published a book in a language other than English but want to create a version for the English-speaking market. Your book has been translated to English but needs a professional editor to proofread the result.
  • You want to retain ownership of your publication so you can control how it’s sold and earn more return on your investment.

            If you are publishing fiction, please visit my friend Amanda and tell her I sent you!


            My editorial experience employed a variation on The Chicago Manual of Style. I am not a journalist, nor do I claim to be an expert in any writing style guide. However, I’m highly skilled in rules of grammar and committed to making your book reader friendly. If you need an editor for an academic publication, I may not be the best resource for your needs.