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Please see the writing samples below. The first is an article I wrote on the podcast patent troll controversy of the mid-2010s. Earlier in my career transition process, I also prepared a piece inspired by the brilliant 2020 AMC show, Dispatches from Elsewhere.

I currently don’t aspire to become a frequently published author, but my skills may be beneficial to your project or organization.

Photo by Jonah Anderson

Music Performance Simulation in TV/Film & Stock Photos

Do you know what drives a musician insane? Watching a film or TV show where an actor is simulating playing a musical instrument and basic posture and technique is completely ignored! This annoyance also holds true for models in stock photos. Besides coordinating a myriad of published music methods, I’ve played alongside many common instruments in symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles, wind ensembles, and rock bands. I do not offer music lessons but can help talent look more convincing while “faking it.”

Photo by Jonah Anderson

Audio Editing for Creative Performances

I earned my Bachelor of Music (with emphasis in Recording Technology) degree from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. While I opted for a career in music print publishing, my audio recording and editing experience came in handy when I started choreographing my own belly dance routines. I’ve created numerous song edits and medleys for myself and others. Years of musical performance developed my excellent ear for phrasing, making transitions between different parts of a song aurally pleasing. Allow me to help you shorten or combine songs for your next awe-inspiring performance!